Overseas Real Estate Development & Sales Program Provisions

  1. Purpose and Scope of the Program:
    This program focuses on the development and sale of residential properties, apartments, and resort houses in the Philippines.
    Partners are expected to refer potential clients interested in these real estate projects.
  2. Compensation and Payment Terms:
    Commission is set at 5% of the total amount of each successful real estate transaction.
    Payments will be made by the end of the month following the transaction completion.
  3. Role and Responsibilities of the Referrer:
    Referrers are responsible for providing information about the real estate projects to potential clients and generating interest.
    Referrers should support initial communication with clients and, if necessary, facilitate handover to our representatives.
  4. Contractual Conditions:
    All real estate transactions shall be conducted in accordance with our company's policies and procedures.
    Contracts with clients will be directly executed by our company, with referrers not directly involved in the contract conclusion.
  5. Confidentiality:
    Referrers must treat all information related to the program as confidential.
  6. Additional Terms:
    Conditions regarding legal compliance, contract duration, force majeure, and changes to the agreement will be governed by a separate contract.

    This program is designed to provide a framework for partnership in overseas real estate development and sales, aiming to benefit both the partners and our company. Participants are expected to understand and adhere to these provisions.