Caregiving Personnel Recruitment Program Provisions
1. Eligibility for Commission:
The commission is applicable only when the referred individual is officially employed.

2. Invoicing and Payment:
The referrer (hereinafter referred to as 'Party A') must promptly issue an invoice upon the employment date of the referred individual.
Payment will be made to Party A's designated bank account by the end of the month following the month of invoice acceptance. The paying party (hereinafter referred to as 'Party B') will bear any transfer fees.

3. Support Obligations:
Party A is responsible for providing necessary support for the living and accommodation needs of the referred individual.
Refund Policy in Case of Early Resignation:

4. If the referred individual resigns or is dismissed due to their own fault shortly after joining, Party A is required to refund a portion of the commission as follows:
Within 1 month of joining: 80% of the commission.
Between 1 and 6 months of joining: 50% of the commission.
This refund policy does not apply if the resignation or dismissal is due to reasons attributable to Party A.

5. Other Terms:
The terms of the agreement are subject to changes upon mutual consent in case of changes in the environment of the principal of Party B.
The recruitment decision for new foreign workers is at the discretion of Party B's principal.

This program aims to ensure fair and effective operation of the caregiving personnel recruitment process, with clear responsibilities and obligations for both parties involved.