"Transforming Horizons, Pioneering Developments in the Philippines."


We aspire to be the vanguard of innovative real estate development in the Philippines, creating sustainable and profitable living environments that contribute to society. Our vision is to enrich lives through quality living spaces and foster community development.


  • To deliver the highest standard of projects in residential, commercial, and resort development with a relentless pursuit of quality and efficiency.
  • To implement environmentally conscious developments, realizing sustainable building solutions.
  • To exceed the expectations of customers, investors, and communities by providing exceptional service and building long-lasting relationships.
  • To invigorate the local economy and fulfill our corporate social responsibilities through proactive business practices.


  • Integrity: Building trust with all stakeholders through transparency and honesty.
  • Innovation: Continuously seeking advancements to set new benchmarks in the real estate industry.
  • Customer-centricity: Focusing on understanding the needs of our customers and delivering value beyond their expectations.
  • Sustainability: Promoting eco-friendly developments to protect our planet.
  • Excellence: Committing to the pursuit of quality and efficiency to achieve outstanding results.

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Alpha International Realty and Development Corporation

Alpha International Realty and Development Corporation(AIRD) was established as a strategic extension of Alpha International Communication's (AIC) business diversification, stepping into the real estate market of the Philippines. AIC has been recognized for its strengths in forging global relationships, adopting a multifaceted approach to international business development.

In Cebu, AIRD has enhanced its expertise in real estate development and community integration through investments from Adeptworks Corporation, a company with a proven track record in the sector. The support from Adeptworks Corporation has allowed us to gain valuable insights into the local market and establish a strong foundation, leading to the success of our property projects centered in Cebu.

In addition, as part of AIC's portfolio of businesses that support short-term English language studies and remote working, we are also involved in the development and operation of Staycation facilities, providing more comfortable and functional living spaces. These ventures also align with projects by the Philippine government, contributing to community development and creating economic investment opportunities.

With a history of achievements and a strategy for sustainable growth, AIRD is committed to creating new milestones in real estate development within the Philippines.

About Alpha International Communication(AIC)

Alpha International Communication Co., Ltd. (AIC) places a strong emphasis on nurturing talent for the global stage. Our educational programs begin with early-stage language acquisition and encompass specialized technical skills and international business knowledge. We are committed to supporting study abroad, offering tailored study plans aligned with each student's career goals. Moreover, we actively engage in post-graduation job placement, utilizing our robust network of domestic and international companies to ensure our students thrive globally.

In the field of IT technology, we implement education incorporating the latest technological trends. Our students gain practical skills while accumulating the knowledge and experience necessary for future careers in IT. Our goal is not just for students to acquire technical skills but to develop an international perspective and the ability to communicate effectively in a multicultural environment.

Alpha International Communication Co., Ltd. is dedicated to unlocking each individual's potential and facilitating their success on a global scale by providing consistent support from education to career formation.

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Apartment and Commercial Building Construction and Sales:

At Alpha International Reality and Development, we offer a portfolio of meticulously designed apartments and commercial spaces that epitomize modern living and business conveniences. Our construction and sales service is geared towards investors looking for properties that promise not just a return on investment through potential rental yield and capital appreciation, but also longevity and sustainability. Each building is constructed with efficiency in mind, utilizing cutting-edge technology and design to minimize maintenance costs and maximize functional use of space. We ensure that our properties are located in strategic areas that are accessible and desirable, further enhancing their value and investment potential.

House Renovation and Sales:

Our house renovation projects transform outdated structures into contemporary homes, featuring the latest in design trends and energy-efficient technologies. By investing in our renovation services, clients can benefit from the increase in property value and the opportunity to attract higher rental income. We focus on cost-effective renovations that significantly improve the aesthetics and functionality of a property, ensuring a swift turnaround for investors aiming to rent or sell. Our approach is to create spaces that resonate with today's lifestyle, making each renovated home a smart investment choice.

Resort and Second House Development and Sales:

Escape to luxury with our resort and second house development services, where leisure meets investment. Our properties offer serene environments, state-of-the-art amenities, and unique architectural designs that appeal to both personal use and investment prospects. Investors can capitalize on the growing trend of staycations and wellness retreats by having a stake in a high-demand, high-return market. With the dual-purpose of personal enjoyment and the possibility of renting to vacationers, these properties serve as an excellent source of passive income.

Subdivision Development:

We specialize in developing residential communities that offer a harmonious balance between urban convenience and natural beauty. Our subdivision developments are planned with a comprehensive vision that includes not just individual homes, but also communal spaces, green areas, and facilities that enhance the quality of life. Investing in our subdivision projects means being part of a growing community with a projected increase in value due to continuous development and enhancement. We aim to create neighborhoods that are not just places to live, but destinations that people are proud to call home.

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Why Philippines?!

Financial Data Highlights:

  • Robust Growth: Our portfolio has consistently shown a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% over the last five years, outperforming the industry average.
  • Strong Return on Investment (ROI): Projects have yielded an average ROI of 20%, with some ventures reaching as high as 30%.
  • Solid Financial Health: We maintain a healthy balance sheet with a debt-to-equity ratio well below the industry norm, ensuring long-term sustainability and growth potential.

Market Analysis:

  • Growing Demand: The real estate market in the Philippines has seen a surge in demand, especially in the residential and commercial sectors, driven by a growing middle class and increasing foreign investment.
  • Emerging Hotspots: Cities like Cebu and Davao are becoming new hubs for real estate investment, offering high growth potential beyond the capital, Manila.
  • Diverse Opportunities: The market presents a wide range of investment opportunities, from luxury properties and resorts to affordable housing projects, catering to a diverse investor base.

Why the Philippines is an Advantageous Location:

  • Strategic Geographic Location: Situated at the crossroads of East and Southeast Asia, the Philippines offers strategic access to major markets in the region.
  • Economic Growth: The country has one of the fastest-growing economies in Asia, supported by a stable political environment and progressive economic policies.
  • Demographic Advantage: With a large, young, and English-speaking population, the Philippines presents a dynamic and skilled workforce.
  • Growing Tourism and Expatriate Community: The Philippines' natural beauty and hospitable culture make it a popular destination for tourists and expatriates, fueling the demand for real estate.
  • Government Support: The government offers incentives for foreign investors, including tax benefits and easier ownership regulations, making it an attractive destination for real estate investment.

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